Unicorn Blood by Fuzion Vapor


As a consumer of many types of eJuice products it is always hard to find a favorite. After tasting so many different types of flavors they all started to taste the same. Finally one day I came across Unicorn Blood. I had to fight with myself on if it tasted more like Hawaiian punch or Starbursts. The fruitiness of the product as I vaped it was just delicious.

Like unicorns this eJuice is very unique and unlike any I have tasted before. You could say this product tastes like a rainbow. The name itself catches you off guard when you first buy it, once you get it the coloring of the product is red like blood. Although Unicorn Blood is one of the most delightful products I have ever tasted the only downfall I found was when it got to hot. When the juice got hot enough it started to have the taste of burnt sugar. It is not a pleasant taste and it had me put the vape down for a bit. The only thing I would have them fix on the product is to make sure it is not as heat sensitive. You want to be able to enjoy your product for a long period of time. When I vape I like to constantly do it and taste every aspect of the flavor, especially when the product is as sweet and fruity as this one. When you feel like you are vaping a rainbow you just want to keep going. If you do purchase Unicorn Blood I would make sure to turn the wattage down when you are vaping so the product does not heat up to much and give you the burnt after taste. Every product is different and if I could own every fruity flavor of vape liquid I would, since those are my favorites.

Fuzion Vapor gives it the best description that I have ever seen on a product. They describe it as: “Unicorns are the single most magical beings that ever existed. Their blood is rumored to have magical powers and butterfly kisses. So, what does Unicorn Blood taste like exactly? It tastes just like Unicorn Blood should taste… fruity, sweet rainbow goodness that would make even the Nyan Cat jealous. Unless you hate cute kitties, snuggly blankets and baby’s yawning… you’ll love this mystical ejuice.” I would suggest this product to people, even if it is just try it. It is mystical eJuice after all.